Whenever we discover what we believe could be another great company of the future, we invest significant time up front with management, ensuring the people and structures are correct, the opportunity for significant value creation exists and the plan to deliver it is credible. Only then will we embark on the value creation journey.

We think as business owners because we are owners ourselves. We are proud of our Northern values. We work with people we like and whose business model we believe in. We take a long-term approach and where appropriate, we will invest our own capital. We stand firm with owners and investors through both the good times and the bad with a shared risk, shared reward approach. Our fees are reasonable and aligned and our commitment is full. You can rest assured that the first thing we will earn is your trust.

Our services include:

Strategic Advisory
We help you to prepare, distil and define a simple but sophisticated business strategy around which we help assess the optimal capital structure to help deliver the growth. We assist Boards in managing all financial aspects of the business including relationships with key stakeholders such as investors, regulators and banks. We also assist in the structuring of Boards by identifying proven individuals who can add value in an Executive or Non-Executive capacity.

Access to Capital
We provide you with efficient, effective and appropriate access to capital whether it is sourcing equity, debt, asset finance or a combination thereof. This applies to both public and private companies and at each stage of the business life cycle.

Initial Public Offering (IPO) Advisory
We advise you on the suitability of your company for IPO on the Official List or AIM, and help you to prepare the equity investment story. We provide existing investors independent advice before, during and after the IPO process. Specific services include providing access to pre-IPO funding, test marketing with investors, helping you select other advisers such as the best firm of corporate brokers, lawyers, reporting accountants and financial PR. We also help you negotiate fees, savings from which can often cover a large proportion of our own fees. In summary, we’ll help you maximise the chances of achieving a successful public listing at a reasonable cost.

Equity Capital Markets (ECM) Advisory
For existing listed companies, we offer a wide range of ECM services including independent market and investor analysis, advice on share issues and placings of large lines to stock, and refinement of the equity investment case.

Mergers & Acquisitions
We provide you with independent M&A advice to help your business to grow, including identifying selected acquisitions and/or strategic merger partners, management buy-outs or buy-ins and bid defence.

We help you prepare for and maximise the value from the disposal of your business, including assessment of exit options, identifying potential acquirers, preparation of business plans and financial modelling of projections and managing the disposal process from start to finish.

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