Our services include:

Independent Advice

Given our significant experience, contacts and sector knowledge, we can add value by providing advice and hands on support if required across a diverse range of areas including: 

  • strategy
  • value creation
  • capital structure
  • shareholder relationships 
  • board recruitment
  • peer group analysis and information

Access to Capital

We have a proven track record in sourcing equity, debt and asset finance. This applies to both public and private companies. A key part of our ethos is our ability to provide continuous access to capital throughout the business life cycle recognising that the optimal types and sources of capital change as businesses develop. Our investor contacts includes financial institutions, high net worth individuals, family offices, private equity funds, venture capital providers and banks.

Mergers & Acquisitions

We can provide you with independent M&A advice to help your business grow, including identifying selected acquisitions and/or strategic merger partners. We also provide advice on management buy-outs or buy-ins, and on bid defences. We can also act for companies requiring Takeover Code advice.

Initial Public Offering (IPO) Advisory

We can advise you on the suitability of your company for an IPO on the Official List or AIM and then provide existing shareholders with independent advice before, during and after the IPO process. Specific services include helping you prepare the equity investment story, providing access to pre-IPO funding, test marketing, and project management of the IPO process. We can also help you select other professional advisors and assist with fee negotiations. In summary, we’ll help you maximise the chances of achieving a successful public listing at a reasonable cost.

ECM Advisory

We offer independent advice on equity capital markets transactions, helping you to prepare properly for equity fund raisings, maximising the chances of success, and ensuring that your interests are properly reflected in valuation negotiations.

Disposals and Value realisation

We help you prepare for and maximise the value from the disposal of your business. We manage the disposal process from start to finish including assessment of exit options, identifying potential acquirers, preparation of a business plan, financial modelling of projections, and negotiation of the price and terms of the Sales & Purchase Agreement.

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